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Beach Day Trip Beauty

Day Trip Beauty

Hey Guys and Gals,

Today I want to share one of my favourite spots that is within an hour of Perth and great for a day trip.

The beautiful and pristine beaches of Guilderton are where we love going on perfect summers day (Even when not so perfect weather, this spot is amazing)

What you will need (the basics):

- Recovery points (if possible) and recovery gear

- Recovery Tacks of some kind

- Shovel (long handle is best but anything will do)

- BBQ or Gas Cooker

- Esky/Cooler/Fridge

- Food and Drinks

- Towel and swimmers

- A ready fro fun attitude!

As you get to the town (which is also a beautiful spot to look around and grab a meal from the local Guilderton General Store or the Country Club.) Guilderton Road becomes Mortimer Road. Just stay on this road and follow it all the way until you hit the beach carpark. This is called Guilderton North Groyne.

Air Down your tires here. This beach can be quite soft, so I found that with A/T 265/75/R17’s that 15PSI front and rear works well on the Triton.

Engage 4L for this beach and you’re ready to go.

Now this spot is not that far up the beach, keep driving around 800mtrs and on the right you will see a wall of smaller dunes and then a few openings. Head into one of these openings and find a nice spot behind the little dunes.

There is a fair bit of space here so you can setup a few rigs and awnings.

A table chairs and cooker/BBQ are all you need to have a nice BBQ lunch with an amazing view

One think to be careful of is if you have kids or a dog with you, be careful letting them hang around the entry points and side of the dune where you come in. It is the main track along the beach and on a busy day you will find lots of vehicles coming up and down so try and keep away and out of harm’s way.

There is nothing better than spending a day out with friends and family in a beautiful location like this. If and when you get a chance to come here you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy and hope to see you there!

Note: that having a campfire here is not permitted and make sure to take away any rubbish you bring in with you.


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